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Success Story: The Garcia Family

A long time coming

The Duarte Group did it once again! It has been a long time coming, but we got this family into their dream home!....💼

We met the "Garcia" family in Los Angeles after they first reached out to us about a home they were interested in.

From there we started looking in a few different cities such as Pico Rivera, La Puente, and Los Angeles and we got to know them better.

Well, it turns the Garcia's -- a family of 6 -- have been living in a 1 bedroom apartment in Downtown LA... for the last 25 YEARS!

"Why?", you ask... well, that's because they weren't born in this country and sadly it's very hard to obtain financing on a home without being a legal resident. Although, they still kept hope... and with that hope, they went through the whole, strenuous, naturalization process and became fully legal U.S. Residents! And just like that, after 25 years of hard work and patience, they were excited to finally be able to fulfill "The American Dream" and buy their very first home!
Sadly, when they started reaching out to real estate agents to get the process started, they were constantly pushed aside and disregarded. They were told that they wouldn't qualify because they needed to show 2 MORE years of taxes with income using their new social security card. Well, imagine their surprise when they met us and Leo told them that that wasn't the case! That as long as they have been filing taxes (which they have been), even with an ITIN number, the prior income is 100% usable and they were fully capable of qualifying for a loan!

This is why we do what we do! We know there is a lot of misinformation out there and for that reason, we continuously strive for not only the best quality service to our clients but to our industry as a whole with unconditional honesty, integrity, and passion!

Well, I'm pretty sure you already know how the story ends. If not, we'll fill you in. We got our offer ACCEPTED over 4 other offers and our clients moved into their new home in La Puente! 🏁

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