Leo Quinones
COO & Sales Agent

Meet Leo Quinones, a Realtor®  with The Duarte Group. These childhood friends share a mission: to be forward thinkers and use the best technology in order to deliver unparalleled client service with honesty, integrity, and passion. They are young, motivated, and making a positive impact on the communities where they live and work.

Alex and Leo grew up in Westminster, CA where they were neighbors and schoolmates until the 8th grade when each of their families lost their homes due to bad real estate advice where one family couldn't sell quickly enough and lost their home to foreclosure and the other was convinced to sell when there wasn't a need to. The events that ensued in each of their lives were destabilizing to their families, as they were forced to live in cramped conditions while struggling to regain their financial footing. These circumstances were also a catalyst for their future success.

Leo stepped into an adult role as a teenager when his father became ill, and he had to take a job to help care for his dad and three brothers. The family moved to Kansas, where Leo eventually became a 911 dispatcher. He also started a small business on the side. “It was the first time I realized I could make money outside my hourly job,” Leo recalls. “It inspired me to something more. At the same time, I saw how Alex was developing and that he was on the right track. I was proud of him. Then I came to visit him about a month into his business. He said, ‘Why don’t you move home and do this with me?’ I was inspired. I went back to Kansas and started putting things into motion. I left my stable job and got to work.”

In just a few years, these ambitious young professionals have earned the trust of clients and colleagues alike by establishing themselves as purveyors of impeccable service, with the knowledge and resources to help buyers and sellers achieve their goals.  

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