Alex Duarte
CEO & Sales Agent

Meet Realtors® Alex Duarte and Leo Quinones, The Duarte Group at First Team Real Estate. These childhood friends share a mission: to be forward thinkers and use the best technology in order to deliver unparalleled client service with honesty, integrity and passion. They are young, motivated and making a positive impact on the communities where they live and work.

Alex and Leo grew up in Westminster, where they were neighbors and schoolmates until the 8th grade, when each of their families lost their homes due to bad real estate advice where one family couldn't sell quickly enough and lost their home to foreclosure and the other was convinced to sell when there wasn't a need to. The events that ensued in each of their lives were destabilizing to their families, as they were forced to live in cramped conditions while struggling to regain their financial footing. These circumstances were also a catalyst for their future success.

A talented high school athlete, Alex never shied from competition. From an early age, he was eager to succeed, and he began reading books about personal development, real estate and investing. Once he obtained his real estate license, he achieved Rookie of the Year. “I was ready to grab life by the horns,” he says. “One of the biggest motivators for me back then, and still is, are my parents. They sacrificed a lot for me, my brother and sisters. From the time I got into real estate, my number one motivator was to give them a better life and purchase them a house. I set the goal to do that in two years, and I have been able to accomplish it.”

Leo stepped into an adult role as a teenager when his father became ill, and he had to take a job to help care for his dad and three brothers. The family moved to Kansas, where Leo eventually became a 911 dispatcher. He also started a small business on the side. “It was the first time I realized I could make money outside my hourly job,” Leo recalls. “It inspired me to something more. At the same time, I saw how Alex was developing and that he was on the right track. I was proud of him. Then I came to visit him about a month into his business. He said, ‘Why don’t you move home and do this with me?’ I was inspired. I went back to Kansas and started putting things into motion. I left my stable job and got to work.”

In just a few years, these ambitious young professionals have earned the trust of clients and colleagues alike by establishing themselves as purveyors of impeccable service, with the knowledge and resources to help buyers and sellers achieve their goals. “Our mission remains the same,” Alex says. “It is always about serving the client first and making sure we provide honesty and transparency. We’re not in it for ourselves. We see clients being taken advantage of a lot, especially in the Latino community. They don’t know what they’re signing. We’ve made it a point to be transparent and to educate people. Client satisfaction is definitely number one for us.”

Alex and Leo’s glowing five-star client reviews prove this to be true. A recent seller said this:

“Amazing!!! If you are looking to sell quickly, get the best price and professional service beyond your highest expectations, then you want Alex and Leo as your agents. … They staged my home with my furniture, art work, brought me boxes to declutter and put non-e ssential items into storage preparing me ahead of time for my move. They even sent someone in to deep clean and take professional photos for marketing. … Best of all, Alex and Leo really care about people and really listen to what you are saying and understand what is most meaningful to you. … The day my escrow closed, I was signing my new lease. They work quickly and efficiently. They don’t drop the ball. To top it off, they are really nice guys that you want to call friends.”

Hard work and dedication have paid off for Alex and Leo. Alex is now engaged to be married and in the process of planning his wedding for later this year. Leo set the goal of reuniting his family in California and is working towards purchasing a home this year where the whole family can live together.

Alex and Leo continually seek the inspiration to accomplish their own goals while helping others achieve theirs. Alex says, “ I love the quote, ‘Instead of thinking how hard your journey is, think how great your story will be.’ As first-generation Hispanics, we know how to work hard, and that if you put your mind to something, you can accomplish anything. One of the greatest things about our job is actually being a part of something. It’s a pretty emotional process, and we’re privileged to be able to tune in for that.”

Leo adds, “‘To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.’ When we wake up each day, we want to be excited to go to work and have fun with the process. It’s a journey we enjoy sharing with people.”

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